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2013 Important Changes to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage in Florida

You Need to Know…14 Days to Seek Medical Care – Do not delay!

Beginning in January 2013 the laws governing personal injury protection coverage within your auto insurance policy have changed dramatically for Floridians. In order to use your auto insurance to pay the cost for treatment of injuries, you must consult with a physician within 14 days from the date of an accident. If you see a physician on the 15th day after an accident, you will have to pay out of pocket or with major medical insurance. Furthermore, an injured person must obtain a diagnosis of an emergency medical condition after the accident in order to access the $10,000 PIP coverage. Failure to get the diagnosis can result in the PIP coverage being reduced to $2,500. Even worse, if you simply do not see a doctor at all during the first 14 days, you will lose access to any PIP coverage for this occurrence whatsoever.

What does this mean for you and your chiropractor?
Even if you have only a small fender-bender, we encourage you to contact us immediately for evaluation and, if need be, treatment. If treatment is not necessary at that time, at least we have documentation that you sought evaluation within the 14 day period. Often times pain does not reach maximum intensity until four or even eight weeks later. If that is your case, you will be able to use your PIP coverage to obtain treatment or diagnostic studies such as MRI, because you were evaluated within the first 14 days.

Chiropractic manipulation and therapy has for decades been the optimal course of treatment for soft-tissue injuries most commonly related to auto accidents. Cervical sprain/strain injuries, known also as whiplash, are effectively and non-surgically addressed by chiropractic modalities. Resolving spinal injuries through a comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan can also help prevent serious long term structural issues like post traumatic osteoarthritis.

What’s troubling about soft tissue injuries is that patients frequently do not immediately realize the extent to which they are injured. First thoughts are usually about how to get the car repaired and how to get to work tomorrow morning. Headaches, tingling, increasing tightness, stiff neck, reduced range of motion and neck or back pain are put on the to-do list after the “important” things are handled.

Today, getting your body checked out must be on the top of the list after an accident. We all pay our auto insurance premiums. Now to protect the coverage that you have paid for, you must take action within 14 days of the loss date. Unlike a lot of doctors offices these days, we will see you the same day that you call.